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Case Page: Victory for King’s Men—Men’s Group Sued for Standing Against Pornography

by | Feb 27, 2012 | Case | 0 comments

The Independence Law Center went to court and came out victorious on behalf of The King’s Men, an organization that was sued by a sex-oriented business.

Members of The King’s Men ( are a presence outside of some “adult” bookstores and strip clubs in Southeastern Pennsylvania, holding signs and encouraging men to stop frequenting such establishments. In attempting to rid them of this presence, one business sued the organization. Once in court, the adult” business agreed to dismiss their lawsuit and allow The King’s Men to continue to protest, which The King’s Men do with the aim of helping men be freed from the addition of pornography.

“It’s encouraging that as a result of the outcome of this case, our First Amendment freedoms continue to be respected,”  said Randall Wenger, Chief Counsel for the Independence Law Center. “We’re grateful to God that these good Christian men and the organization they serve can continue to be a light to those who are caught in the trap of pornography,” added Wenger.

The legal team representing The King’s Men included Wenger along with Jeff Conrad and Emily Musser-Bell of Clymer, Musser & Conrad in Lancaster.