Remedying Unfair Church Taxation

When our church was being taxed unfairly, you don’t know how wonderful it was to have representation like Independence Law Center. We really appreciate it!
Pastor Matt Fisher, Senior pastor, Calvary Chapel Stroudsburg

Protecting Clients from Coerced Abortions

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I know that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now if I went through with what everyone else was telling me to do. So happy to have my baby girl.
Beth, Independence Law Center client protected from illegal abortion coercion

Stopping Religious Discrimination

If I hadn’t known about the Independence Law Center, I wouldn’t have known where to go. I really appreciate their help in getting Fort Indiantown Gap to reverse the denial and allow our group and other religious groups to tour the grounds in the future. They provided their expertise and shepherded us through the process.
Troopmaster Joe Eveges, Trail Life USA scouting group denied a tour of the base specifically because they were a religious group.

Protecting Equal Access and First Amendment Rights

I’m thankful not only for the result, but for the way ILC handled it – taking a strong stand, but in a civil manner that avoided hard feelings in the school going forward. [The Bible club students, including two of my children,] did not want to argue or stir up trouble. But ILC was great in the way they handled themselves with the district, and the students learned that sometimes you need to take a stand, with firmness and respect. They benefited greatly from this experience.
Eric Wiedman, father of students in Bible Club whose First Amendment and Equal Access rights were violated by school officials

Obtaining Employment Accommodations

Praise God my meeting went so well! They are truly going to accommodate me. I so appreciate all of the help and wisdom you supplied me today! Sometimes just getting the points squared away in my head is the hardest part when it’s my career that is in question and the emotions that come with it.
Betsy, ILC Client obtained workplace accommodation from her employer

Obtaining Employment Accommodations

I just had to rejoice with you and, again, thank you for everything you’ve done to contribute to this huge win! It was your dedication and faith that God was able to work through.
Savannah, ILC Client obtained workplace accommodation from her employer